WFTDA – Application

The WFTDA is the international governing body for the sport of women’s flat track roller derby, and a membership organization for leagues to collaborate and network.

  • The WFTDA sets standards for rules, seasons, and safety, and determines guidelines for the national and International athletic competitions of member leagues. This project was to make all these things available to Android users.
  • The WFTDA updates the information regularly at their server. Whenever there is a change application detects that and downloads the updated version instantly. It is an total game manual.
  • An user can get to see the minutest graphical description through zoom in and zoom out facility.
    The application makes an attempt to help all the players and game lovers in understanding all the signals through elaborative graphics.
  • An extensive search features are available to users. All permutation combinational searches are available to users.
  • An user can also bookmark his contents of interest. These bookmarks will be automatically updated even when the server content is updated.
  • Exclusive features

    • 1 WFTDA Rule Book
    • 2  Track Design
    • 3  Refree handsignals
    • 4  Standards
    • 5 Verbal Clues
    • 6  Flash cards
    • 7  Skill Reqs
    • 8  Rules Test
    • 9  Standard Officiating Documents
    • 10  scoring