Your Padosi Neighborhood app

YourPadosi was started knowing that its very difficult to know our next door neighbour in today’s fast paced lifestyle. It was felt that there is a need for a platform that helps build community within the neighbourhood so that all members can use its resources.

With this platform you can find local resources such as electrician, plumber, saloons, grocery stores, etc. You can easily rank them and leave your recommendations and read other’s recommendations. Users can put up reviews about restaurants in the neighbourhood, and you could benefit from that too.

With YourPadosi you can form groups and meet people in your neighbourhood with a similar bent of mind and interests like you. You can get together with them over a cup of coffee, discuss books, charities, movies and life. This portal serves as a great platform to buy, sell and borrow things that you may need. Why wait for replies from total strangers through other websites, when there is a need right under your nose in your very own neighbourhood.

In addition, you can create and announce events, either community events or private events and invite selected neighbours or all neighbours. Print posters, e-mail invites, track who all have accepted the invites.

The social network also has a Neighbour’s Directory that will have the name, profession and contact details of people in your neighbourhood. When looking for any service, you can go through this directory, and achieve service that is simply a stone’s throw away.

YourPadosi is a platform that brings you in touch with your neighbours and your community. YourPadosi, is India’s first social networking portal for neighbourhoods. 

You can also access this network through a mobile application on your smart phone, ensuring that you are never disconnected from your neighbours. So, log on to now and find out who it is in your neighbourhood that you would like to connect with and stay in touch with.

Exclusive features

  • 1 Find local resources
  • 2  Form local groups / self help groups
  • 3  Send event invitations
  • 4  Directory services
  • 5  Car pooling