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Drupal & PHP Website Development Company

Amicus Infotech provides web application development services for complex business logics dealing with large amounts of data and transactions. With our large domain experience, quality methodologies and delivery disciplines, we continue to deliver quality end to end solutions. We are pleased to have created lot of successful ventures.

Our robust web development process for design and development has helped us for quality driven successful implementations. Our experienced team has always helped our clients with innovative ideas to help create higher reliability and practicality of the solutions.

Amicus has developed a robust process for design and development of software solutions. The process encompasses all activities required to plan, design, develop, implement and manage the solution.

We are the leading Delhi based web development company that offering a wide range of web development services with a new level of technologies.

  • Comprehensive Functionality
  • Front-end Customized platform
  • Back-end Administration Platform
  • Expert Programming
  • Easy to Handle Due Approach

We are a great combination of experiments and innovations and in results, is what our clients expect from us. We can also provide a complete package for your online presence from consultancy to design, from development to better ranking in search engines.

Yes our hands are easily movable in designing Drupal websites. Drupal website development is the most highly funcationlity and user friendly CMS (Content Management System), that can able to handle several users at a time. With the accessibility of using different accounts at a time, we are here to develop such kind of websites. We not only design and develop pretty websites but write code with an aim of providing strategically crafted solutions that ensure the power of success for your online marketing process.

With a distinguished team of experts and immerse minds themselves are the one whose strategies, designs, and technologies to create highly integrated, user friendly and flexible web development solutions. We are always keen to apply our experience and expertise in developing something unique and attractive that suits your business and our reputation too for our each client.

Some of our Drupal Website Development Services are as follows-

  • Drupal full website development
  • Drupal Custom Themes
  • Drupal eCommerce sites
  • Drupal Responsive websites
  • Drupal Website conversion and maintenance

So contact us today, and let’s start the game of creative ideas. You can call us and e-mail us all your requirements and needs that you want in your website development services.

Technical Architecture

People generally use your applications in their spare time when they are travelling or doing something like that. They won’t carry heavy machines to use the same and that is why they are preferring portable ways. Making your solution running on mobile devices lets you connect millions of your prospects. Our solutions are based on both iOS and Android natively and hybrid as well.

Our technical architecture is based around the LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) platform. LAMP is a proven full stack of open source software and provides the principal components to build a stable and secure web server. Due to its open source philosophy our costs do not carry any mandatory license fees. A breakdown of the LAMP components is included below.


Our proposed solution should run on any modern enterprise level operating system, but for security, scalability and flexibility we recommend using a UNIX style OS.


Apache is the server element of the stack and is responsible for handling the requests from a user’s browser and responding with the relevant webpage. Apache is recognized for its speed, security and scalability. As of January 2010 Apache powers 53% of all websites.


MySQL is the database used in a LAMP stack. It has become the world’s most popular open source database thanks to its performance and reliability. Some of MySQLs high-traffic users include Nokia, YouTube and Google AdWords.


Our applications are programmed in PHP – a programming language purpose built for the web. PHP has become one the most prevalent languages used on web with, as of April 2007, over 20 million installations. It powers some of the biggest and most popular websites on the Internet including Facebook, Wikipedia and Yahoo!

We use a Model View Controller architecture enabling us to create structured, maintainable and extensible applications where the database, user interaction and presentation of the data are clearly defined and managed. We use the PHP based CodeIgniter MVC framework as a basis for our applications.